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Water Quality – Lead Concerns

Water Quality

The City of Adrian Utilities Department’s most recent Water Quality Report can be viewed by clicking on the link below. To request a printed copy, please call Tim Ritchie, Water Plant Superintendent at (517) 264-4828 or Will Sadler, Utilities Director at (517) 264-4825 during normal business hours.

This Water Quality Report is published annually by June 30 and reflects the water quality for the previous calendar year.

2016 City of Adrian Water Quality Report
Past Water Quality Reports

Addressing Lead Concerns

There has been significant news coverage about the unfortunate events that have occurred in the City of Flint regarding lead in the Flint water supply. To address any local concerns, the City of Adrian would like to provide additional information that will hopefully clarify how the City of Adrian water supply and treatment is different.

The water supply for the City of Adrian is a blended source of groundwater from wells that draws water from a deep underground aquifer as well as water from an 85 acre surface water reservoir better known as Lake Adrian. Currently 80% of the water coming into the Water Treatment Plant is coming from the groundwater wells. The groundwater combined with the water from Lake Adrian goes through a complete treatment process within the treatment plant from particle removal, softening, filtration and disinfection.

Lead in drinking water is typically the result of lead piping, plumbing fixtures or solder within the home. A corrosion inhibitor is added to the water at the treatment plant to control the corrosion and inhibit the release of lead into the water from any lead containing plumbing fixtures within the home.
The City of Adrian has been testing for lead in drinking water utilizing private homes since 1991 and the results have consistently been in full compliance with federal regulations.

For further information:

2014 Lead and Copper Sample Results
EPA – Lead in Your Drinking Water

Lead Testing

  • Contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Drinking Water Laboratory at (517) 335-8184 to request a sample. The lab will provide a sample bottle and instructions on sample collection. Please click on Testing Fee Schedule for further information.
  • If a resident would prefer to make their own arrangements with a commercial laboratory they can also view a List of Certified Labs on the MDEQ website.
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