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Drinking Water PFAS Results

Drinking Water PFAS Results

As you may have heard through many news reports over past several months, an emerging contaminant of concern in drinking water is PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). In August, representatives from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality collected samples of the City of Adrian’s drinking water for analysis. We are pleased to inform you that the analysis returned results of NOT DETECTED (ND). To view the results please click on the links below:

PFAS Results Tap Water 9-6-2019

PFAS Results Raw Water 9-6-2019

PFAS Results Tap Water 9-5-2019

PFAS Results Raw Water 9-5-2019

PFAS Results Tap Water 9-4-2019

PFAS Results Raw Water 9-4-2019

PFAS Results Tap Water 9-3-2019

PFAS Results Raw Water 9-3-2019

Letter from EGLE 7-25-2019

Report Summary #1 5-28-2019

Report Summary #2 5-28-2019

Letter from MDEQ

Report Summary #1

Report Summary #2

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