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Main contact 517-263-2161

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does it work?
A:  Just pick up your telephone and dial 265-6611. Tell the dispatcher where you want to be picked up and where you want to go. The dispatcher will send a bus to pick you up. A “standing order” for service at the same time every day can also be booked with only one call to the DART office.

Q:  Who can use Dial-A-Ride and When?
A:  Anyone, any age, who is able to travel can use DART. Buses will operate on this schedule:

Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 5:30pm
We ask that you allow 30 – 45 minutes for the bus to arrive.
Some hints for using DART

Please place your calls one hour in advance. Keep your conversation with the dispatcher short. He will be busy.
Many people will be using the service. You may make several stops before arriving at your destination, so plan for a slightly longer ride on the bus than you would expect in a car.
Because other people are waiting, passengers are responsible for carrying their own packages from store to bus and from bus to home.
An escort must accompany all wheelchair riders. Please feel free to call 265-6611, anytime during the hours of operation.

Q: How much does it cost?
A:  Within the city limits of Adrian

Regular Fare – $2.00
Senior Citizens (62 & over) & Person With Disabilities – $1.00
Newborn to 1 yr. old – Free
1 yr. to 5 yrs. Old – $1.00
Over 5 yrs. Old – $2.00
Any Child Alone – $2.00
Area outside of city limits is double fare.
Ticket books may be purchased at Adrian City Hall, our dispatch center or from the bus driver for $20.00.

Q:  Can a bus be flagged down?
A:  “Hail stops” and “walk on” customers will also be accommodated, but the option of which vehicle will carry the passenger is left to the dispatcher.

NOTE: For the convenience of all, smoking, eating or drinking are not allowed on board DART vehicles.

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