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Mailbox Policy

In order to avoid problems with your mailbox during the winter season, residents are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

• Make sure your mailbox conforms to USPS Standards.
• Conduct regular inspections and perform routine maintenance on your mailbox.
• Over the years, a mailbox post can rot or become wobbly. One of the best ways to test the sturdiness of a mailbox is to shake it.
• Clear snow away from the mailbox area after each plowing.

Costs to repair or replace mailboxes damaged by the force of snow coming off of the plow will not be borne by the City. Unless it can be reasonably shown that direct physical contact between the snowplow and the mailbox occurred, the City may reimburse the homeowner up to $75 for the cost of repair or replacement.
Questions about the mailbox policy or snow removal procedures should be directed to Parks & Engineering Services Director Todd Brown at 517-264-4829.

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