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Training in the fire service is an on going process.  Factors change from day to day and to stay current with the safest, most efficient tactics, training of personnel is important. At the Adrian City Fire Department there are many different opportunities for training.  Every few months, department wide training sessions are conducted. Topics vary and include:

  • Fire Fighter Safety and Survival Techniques, RIT and Mayday
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Fireground Emergency Operations
  • Medical License CE’s
  • HazMat Response
  • Vehicle Extrication Techniques and Hazards
  • Facility Familiarization Tours
  • Technical Rescue- Confined Space, Trench Collapse, Building Collapse and Ice/Cold Water Rescue

Instructors for these topics may come from the staff of the City of Adrian Fire Department or from other fire departments around the state who travel to Adrian to share their knowledge and expertise.

Annually, some training is required and is regularly scheduled for on-duty personnel. Driving Proficiency, Hazardous Materials Response and Bloodborne Pathogens are some examples.

In addition to quarterly training sessions, each shift conducts training activities that fit the needs of the department. Due to the variety of tasks that the Fire Service asks of personnel, weekly shift training can consist of topics such as: Search and Rescue, Fire Attack, Ground/Aerial Ladder Operations, Water Supply Operations, Forcible Entry Techniques and CPR.

If you have any questions relating to Fire Department Training contact:
Lieutenant Mike Springer 264-4856 ex. 4754


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