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Zoning Ordinance for Temporary Buildings

Article IV – General Provisions

4.8 Permits for Temporary Buildings, Structures and Uses

Permits for temporary buildings, structures, and uses may be     authorized by the Zoning Board of Appeals for periods not to exceed twenty-four (24) consecutive months in undeveloped areas of the City and twelve (12) consecutive months in developed areas of the City.  The Zoning Board of Appeals shall be the sole arbiter in decisions relating to which areas are undeveloped and which areas are developed. In emergency situations, the City Administrator shall be authorized to issue a temporary permit for a building, structure, or use until such time as a request is brought before the Zoning Board of Appeals for decision.

When a permit for a temporary building, structure, or use has been granted and the same building, structure, or use is requested for a second time, the Zoning Board of Appeals may grant the permit for up to five (5) consecutive years as long as the conditions of the permit do not change.

When evaluating the application for a temporary permit, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall consider the following criteria.

4.81 The granting of the temporary permit shall in no way constitute a change in the basic uses permitted in the district.
4.82 The granting of the temporary permit shall be granted in writing, stipulating all conditions as to time, nature of development permitted, and arrangements for removing the use at the termination of the permit.

4.83 All decisions regarding setback, land coverage, off-street parking, lighting and other requirements to be considered necessary in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and adjacent land use shall be made at the discretion of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

4.84 The use shall be in harmony with the character of the Zoning District and immediate area.

4.85 No temporary permit shall be granted without holding a public hearing on the application, notification of which shall be sent to adjacent property owners and occupants, stating the time, date and place of the hearing.  In addition, the Zoning Board of Appeals may seek a recommendation from the Planning Commission before taking any action on the application.

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