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Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission reviews all plans for work on exterior renovations to buildings located in the Historic District. The commission meets as needed. Please contact Jeremiah Klemann with questions at 517-264-4861.

Article XXIIIB – Zoning/Development Regulations
Historic preservation is declared to be a public purpose and the City Commission may, by ordinance, regulate the construction, addition, alteration, repair, moving, excavation, and demolition of structures in historic districts within the City limits.  The purpose of this Ordinance shall be the following:

  1. Safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving historic districts as well as the individual buildings, structures, sites and objects within the districts in the City, which reflect elements of the City’s history, culture, archaeology, engineering, or architecture;
  2. Stabilize and improve property values in the districts and the surrounding neighborhoods by protecting the value and preserving historic resources;
  3. Foster civic beauty;
  4. Strengthen the local economy;
  5. Promote the use of historic districts for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens of the City and of the state;
  6. Allow use of state and federal tax credits and other grant programs, which encourage historic preservation, available to owners of historic properties;
  7. Assist property owners in recognizing and protecting their historic   resources.
Section 23B.3 Definitions:
Alteration: Any act or process that changes one (1) or more of the exterior architectural features of a structure.
Certificate of Appropriateness: A written approval issued by the Commission for appropriate work.
Certificate of Economic Hardship: A certificate issued by the Commission authorizing an alteration, construction, removal, or demolition, even though a Certificate of Appropriateness has previously been denied.
City Commission: The Adrian City Commission.
Commission: The Adrian Historic Commission (a.k.a. the State and Dennis Streets Historic District Commission.)
Committee: The Historic District Study Committee appointed by the City Commission.
Contributing Historic Structure: A resource that contributes to the character of the Historic District including its sense of time, place and historical development by its location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, association and retention of basic integrity of architectural design.  These resources may include those associated with important persons, events or types of service or embody the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural specimen inherently valuable as a representation of a period, style or method of construction.
Denial: The written rejection or a permit application for work that is inappropriate and that adversely affects a resource.
Demolition by Neglect: The neglect in maintaining, repairing, or securing a resource that results in deterioration of an exterior feature of the resource or the loss of structural integrity of the resource.
Design Guideline: A standard of appropriate activity that will preserve the historic and architectural character of a property, structure or area.
Exterior Architectural Feature: The architectural character and general composition of the exterior of a structure including, but not limited to, the kind and texture of the building material and the type, design, and character of all windows, doors, light fixtures, signs, and appurtenant elements.
Historic District: An area or group of areas that contain one or more resources that share a common historic element, such as geography, period, style or theme and which have been designated as a “historic district” by ordinance of the City Commission pursuant to MCL 399.201 et seq.  All portions of such districts need not be contiguous.
Historic Preservation: The identification, evaluation, establishment and protection of resources significant in history, architecture, archaeology, engineering or culture.
Individual Historic Property: An individual building, structure, site or object which has historical significance and which has been designated as part of a historic district by ordinance of the City Commission pursuant to MCL 399.201 et seq.
Non-Contributing Resource: Non-contributing structure because it does not add to the Historic District’s sense of time, place and historical development or where the location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association have been so altered or have so deteriorated that the overall integrity of the structure has been irretrievably lost.  Ordinarily, resources that have been built within the past fifty (50) years shall not be considered to contribute to the significance of the historic district unless a strong justification concerning their historical or architectural merit is given or the historical attributes of the Historic District are considered to be less than fifty years old.
Notice to Proceed: The written permission to issue a permit for work that is inappropriate and that adversely affects a resource, pursuant to a finding under Section 5.305-3.
Ordinary Maintenance: The act of keeping a structure unimpaired and in good condition through ongoing, minor intervention, undertaken, from time to time, on its exterior condition.  It does not change the external appearance of the structure, except through the elimination of the usual and expected effects of weathering.
Owner of Record: The person, corporation, or other legal entity listed as owner on the records of the City Assessor.
Removal: Any relocation of a structure on its site or to another site.
Resource: One (1) or more publicly or privately owned historic buildings, structures, sites, objects, features, or open spaces located within a historic district.
Work: Construction, addition, alteration, repair, moving, excavation, or demolition of a resource.

You may view Article XXIIIB in its entirety by doing a search for:  Zoning-Development Regulations

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