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Code Enforcement

The quality, safety and aesthetic condition of housing, property and businesses in the City of Adrian are a reflection of community values.  The City of Adrian and its residents take great pride in our city and its because of this that we have an active code enforcement program.
What types of issues are considered violations?
  • Grass and/or weeds over 8″ tall
  • Trash put to the curb earlier than 6:00 PM on Monday
  • Trash put to the curb that does not meet the requirements of pick up
  • Grass or yard clippings put to the curb during non-pickup periods
  • Blight ( property that is likely to have a negative financial impact on the value of surrounding property)
  • Attractive Nusiances (Items that may prove detrimental to children or others such as abandoned wells, cisterns, abandoned refrigerators, freezers or other applicances, abandoned and/or inoperative motor vehicles, and structurally unsound structures or fences)
  • Unregistered and/or inoperable motor vehicles
  • Illegal signs (put in city right of way or on poles or in violation of the sign ordinance)
  • Outdoor storage (the storage of indoor items stored outside, or items such as old bikes and lawn mowers etc)
  • Municipal Ordinance violations (basketball hoops in city right of way etc)
What should I expect if I am in violation?
  • Grass and/or weed violations will be mowed at the owners expense.  Charge is $160
  • Trash or grass/yard clipping to the curb violations will be picked up at the owners expense. Charges vary
  • Illegal signs on poles or in the city right of way will be removed and discarded.  Repeat violations will be issued a civil infraction ticket.
  • For most other code violations the owner will be notified either in person or in writing to correct the violation within a given time period.  There will be a $30 reinspection fee.
  • Failure to comply with any notice of violation will result in the issuance of civil infraction tickets.
How can I file a complaint about another property?
You can either call 517-264-4814 or send us an email.


Glenn Preston

Glenn Preston

Code Enforcement Officer
3rd Floor
135 E. Maumee Street
Adrian, MI 49221


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