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Project Rising Tide


The mission of the Rising Tide initiative is to provide at-risk communities with the tools they need to design and build a successful economic framework.  It supports vibrant, thriving communities to attract business investment and talent by creating a sustainable path toward economic stability and growth.  The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Talent Investment Agency, and Michigan State Housing Development Authority – collectively , the Talent and Economic Development (TED) team – have committed their assets to engaging specific communities across the state in order to empower them to shape their future and maximize economic potential.

City of Adrian – Focus

For each of the two “rounds” of this program to date, one community was selected in each of the ten Michigan Prosperity Regions using the following data, cross-matched by population:  poverty, unemployment, labor participation, renter occupancy, vacancy and households receiving assistance.  In partnership with the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM), the City of Adrian identified in late 2018 a focus on the following:

  1. Autonomous Vehicle Pilot
  2. Pedestrian Bridge Build
  3. McKinley Site Redevelopment
  4. Cannery Site Redevelopment
  5. Opportunity Zone Investment

The City of Adrian would like to thank the MEDC for their generous funding to host a fellow within Adrian (PRT Fellow Mary ZumBrunnen), partnership and resources as well as CEDAM for their facilitation and project management.  Together, our goal is to build a sustainable infrastructure.  You can learn more about this initiative at Project Rising Tide – Adrian; and Mary’s background at Fellow Mary Zumbrunnen. Below you will find newsletters with updates and details on how you can get involved in five City of Adrian Rising Tide community development projects!

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January Project Rising Tide Newsletter

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