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Main contact 517-263-2161

Traffic Reports and Tickets

If you have been involved in a traffic crash in the City of Adrian and would like to obtain a copy of that report, you may do so in person, by mail or online accident reports can be obtained at www.authorizetransaction.com. All traffic crash reports are $10.00. You may obtain a copy of your traffic crash report Monday through Friday, between 7:30am and 4:00pm, at the Adrian City Police Department. Please call our Records Department at 517-264-4808 to make sure your report is ready.
If you are requesting a copy of your traffic crash report by mail, please include the following:

  • Incident Number (if you have it)
  • Driver’s Name
  • Date and Location of the Traffic Crash
  • Name of Requestor and Date of Request
  • Return Mailing Address
  • Payment ($10.00 Fee for Accident Reports)

Reports will be returned to you in a prompt and timely manner.  Please mail your requests to the:
Adrian City Police Department
Att:  Accident Records
155 E. Maumee St.
Adrian, MI  49221

Parking Tickets
Parking tickets can be paid at the Adrian Police Department. If you have questions regarding your ticket please contact the Adrian Police Department at 517-264-4808.

Private Property Crash Report
The Private Property Crash Report is intended to provide you with a self-reporting system of your Private Property Crash.  You may obtain a Private Property Crash Report by either coming into the Adrian Police Department and picking up the form or clicking on the link provided to print out the form.  All Private Property Crash Reports are $3.00.

Private Property Crash Report

*Do not use this form if the crash involves any of the following:
(Dial 9-1-1 to have a Police Officer dispatched to investigate if ANY apply)

  • The Driver of either vehicle is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The collision involves reckless driving.
  • Personal injuries occurred.
  • The collision occurred on a public street.
  • The license plate number of a hit and run vehicle was obtained.
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