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Technical Rescue

Adrian Fire Department is a member of the Lenawee County Technical Rescue Team and MUSAR, an organization in cooperation with the Michigan State Police.

MUSAR (Michigan Urban Search and Rescue) works with existing fire departments that provide rescue operations on a day-to-day basis for building collapse, trench or excavation failure, confined space rescue, and high angle rescue from buildings, construction sites or natural features. MUSAR also works with private agencies such as Young’s Environmental, hospitals, and with individuals with expertise in areas such as structural engineering. These agreements achieve important goals:  the attainment of a statewide task force capable of operations and immediate response, and the enhancement of local fire department technical rescue response capabilities, both in skills and equipment.

Of the four specialized areas in Urban Search and Rescue, Adrian Fire Department personnel are trained to be part of a Rescue Team.  The rescue team is subdivided into four squads who may stabilize structures, evaluate onsite areas, live victim removal, and site exploration. By using special equipment and developed techniques, they are able to extricate victims from confined spaces.  Also, by being a part of the state wide rescue organization, resources from other departments can be called upon in the event of a disaster.

Aric Massingill is A.F.D.’s representative in the regional organization.  Please contact him at 517-264-4856.

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