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Emergency Preparedness

We know that disaster preparedness works.  We can take action now that will help protect our families, reduce the impact an emergency has on our lives, and deal with the chaos if an incident occurs near us.  These actions are at the heart of everything we do at FEMA, and they are the reason President George W. Bush established Citizen Corps, a nationwide initiative encompassing public education, citizen training and volunteer programs.  FEMA’s vision of a nation prepared is best achieved by your participation in community and family preparedness so that we are all better protected for every disaster.

Contact your local emergency management office for information about specific hazards in your area and to volunteer to help make your community better prepared.

We know that disaster can strike at any time. We all have a personal responsibility to be ready.  Follow this link to FEMA’s website: http://www.ready.gov//

Through the Lenawee County Emergency Manager CodeRed Telephone Notification System for emergency weather  notification is available for residents of Lenawee County.  The system will notify residents of severe weather via land lines or cell phones.  To sign up for the service please click here.

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